Most Viewed Titles in GustieScholar for 2022

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Have you checked out GustieScholar recently? The Gustavus institutional repository now has over 500 academic and creative works by students, faculty, and staff. In 2022, GustieScholar had over 4,500 pageviews. As part of the archive’s Digital Collection, the repository has a Faculty/Staff and Student Collection.

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Some highlights from GustieScholar include student theses (dating back to 1895) and poster presentations. GustieScholar also has a wide variety of published articles, including both research that was originally published open access and earlier drafts of published articles. These earlier drafts, sometimes referred to as pre-prints or post-prints, are a legal way to share research on an open access platform without paywall restrictions to scholars around the world.

In 2022, the most viewed articles included many from 2020 and 2021, but there were also some new titles.

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