Popular Research in GustieScholar

Posted on February 12th, 2021 by

In 2020, GustieScholar, the open access institutional repository of the Gustavus community had over 3500 page views. The Faculty/Staff and Student repositories hold published material, where the publisher and copyright holder allow for self-archiving for academic purposes. These works included many articles that have been published open access, such as with Creative Commons licenses, and earlier drafts of published articles and chapters. GustieScholar also collects unpublished works that Gusties share, including papers, thesis, posters, and presentations. 

Available since 2011 as a part of the college’s digital archives, the repository promotes the scholarship of the Gustavus community and helps researchers from around the world to free, open access content. Original creative works date back to the 1960s and come from over thirty departments and offices.  

Within the faculty repository, the most viewed works in 2020 include:

For more information on our institutional repository and how to share your research, contact the library and archives at gustiescholar@gustavus.edu


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