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It is our great pleasure to share that Rachel Flynn, Visiting Assistant Professor in the Library, has won the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence! Here is the official announcement in May’s faculty packet:

“Rachel Flynn has been selected as recipient of the Provost’s Award for Teaching Excellence. This award recognizes a Gustavus non-tenure-track faculty member for significant contributions to teaching and learning. Rachel is an exceptional collaborator dedicated to quality instruction, who has demonstrated skill in working with students at all levels with varying disciplinary needs. Thank you, Rachel, for all that you have done to positively impact the educational experience of our students, your colleagues in the Library, and the community as a whole. Congratulations Rachel!!”

The entire campus community is invited to submit nominations annually for the award. Here are a few selections from nominations submitted in support of Rachel, highlighting her creative pedagogy and dedication to student learning:

  • Rachel’s classes are very well organized and she has a calm, engaging presentation style. She leads students through the steps to conduct research well and is skilled at breaking down the complexities of the process in ways that are easily understandable.
  • As a reflective teacher, she has sought out professional development opportunities, including reading groups and workshops, in order to learn new techniques and expand her understanding of educational psychology.
  • In course evaluations, students frequently comment on her knowledge, clarity when presenting information, and approachability.
  • Her classes are designed to engage students in active, hands-on learning, which is a key pedagogical approach in the field. She has a wonderful presence in the classroom and models research alongside students.
  • Rachel demonstrates to students that “failing” at a research approach is not only fine, it’s an intrinsic part of the process. By talking about what she as a researcher would do next, she models the kind of creativity necessary to conduct research well.

Congratulations, Rachel!!!



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  1. Mike Haeuser says:

    Congratulations Rachel! This is a wonderful recognition of your skills as a librarian and a teacher. It illustrates the quality contributions that you and your colleagues in the library bring to our students. Nice going, and thank you!