Suggestion Box – Answers!

Posted on December 4th, 2019 by

We’ve had a great response to our library suggestion box! Here are a few things that have been suggested, along with our replies:

  • Please add The Dark Forest by Cixin Lin. You have the first and third books of the triology but not the second.
    • Our response: Oops! This sometimes happens with how we order books for the collection – occasionally volumes in series get missed. We have The Dark Forest on order & it will be on the New Books shelf when it arrives.
    • Blogger’s note: The series is excellent for all who love science fiction. Start with the Three Body Problem.
  • The three hole punch at the front desk doesn’t work great. Please get a new one.
    • Our response: No problem! The new three hole punch is now at the front desk.
  • Please add Change is the Only Constant and Math with Bad Drawings by Ben Orlin
  • Make people check out whiteboard markers! There are never any behind the desk & many whiteboards in the library.
    • Our response: We hear you. It’s labor-intensive to catalog markers to make the available for check out, which is why we’ve held back. We’ll be revisiting this issue in the next few months and discussing it. It’s helpful to know these experiences, as we always want to create an excellent library experience for users and clearly this needs some work.

As a reminder, the library suggestion box is located at the front desk. You can also use our online suggestion box, too. Keep ’em coming!


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