Now Showing – Movies at the Library Posted on September 12th, 2019 by

Did you know the library has DVDs that you can check out? We’ve got a lot of Oscar winners, plus a number of other fun gems, including all the Harry Potter movies and a number of Pixar classics. Want to watch a foreign film? We’ve got those, too!

Movies haven’t always been easy to find on our shelves, due to complex (and hard to figure out) call numbers. ¬†Over the summer, however, our awesome cataloger wanted to change that. Many of our popular movies are now grouped by genre. You can find all the martial arts movies together, as well as all the movies that are based on books. Or just browse our feature films shelves. It’s still a work in progress, but many of our movies have already been reshelved and are much easier to find.

No DVD drive on your laptop? No problem! You can check out DVD drives at the front desk. Students can check movies out for seven days, so plan ahead for your weekend viewing! All movies can be found on the bottom level of the library. Finally, if you just want to flip through the channels or watch the big game, our small AV preview rooms, also located on the bottom level, have basic cable.


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