A Message from Minitex Posted on June 10th, 2011 by

You may be reading the news about a possible state government shutdown and its potential impact on public universities.This message from Minitex is reassuring for our summer research – at least for now.

The University of Minnesota has announced that it would be able to sustain operations for a period of time that is yet to be determined if a state government shutdown begins on July 1, 2011. Minitex is part of the University of Minnesota Twin Cities Libraries and will also sustain operations depending upon the length of the shutdown. We also anticipate that the MnLINK Gateway will continue to be operational. We will continue to provide services and maintain staff during this period, and we are very hopeful that any shutdown will be brief.

We will try to keep the Minitex Delivery System operational since it delivers needed resources to people and links with many local libraries in the three-state region. We will also plan on continuing to fill requests from the University Libraries and refer requests to other libraries as appropriate.

Thank you, Minitex!


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