Information Fluency Course Taught This Spring

Posted on November 3rd, 2009 by

The library is offering a course this spring for students who would like to know more about research in their chosen major and in general. This .5 credit course meets once a week, on Mondays from 2:30 – 4:30, but if a student is interested and can’t meet a that time it can also be taken by arrangement. (It’s actually quite a lot of fun. Okay, fun if you like this kind of thing. We do.) Here’s the official description:

NDL 301: Information Fluency – This course will give students interested in going to graduate or professional school—or who simply want to know more about research—an immersion in the structure of the literature of their chosen field and exposure to research tools and collections. Students will develop an extensive literature of their chosen field. They also will keep a research log and develop and extensive literature review for a research question of their choice. Shorter projects will require students to analyze aspects of their discipline’s traditions, to compare them to traditions in other fields, and to explore the social and ethical dimensions of research.

For more information, contact Barbara Fister (fister @ gustavus dot edu).


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