Patricia Lindell Scholarship Application Now Open

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Every other year, the Folke Bernadotte Memorial Library awards a junior or senior student the Patricia Lindell Scholarship, established through the generosity of the Gustavus Library Associates. The recipient will be awarded $1,200 to undertake a research project for the library that benefits the wider Gustavus community. The scholarship is awarded upon the successful completion of the project.

Because of the time commitment involved, applicants are strongly recommended to apply for independent study credit during the spring semester (up to .5 credits).

This year’s project will explore how the library can improve its website to better serve student needsDepending on the student’s interest, the research may focus on, for example, issues of accessibility, web design, or marketing and outreach. Working with Professors Michelle Twait and Rachel Flynn during spring semester, the scholarship recipient will conduct qualitative research through interviews and focus groups, investigate best practices for library websites, and propose changes to the website based on the information gathered during their research. The recipient will also pursue a project of her or his own choosing that relates to the research question.

The successful candidate must be able to work independently and with initiative, possess strong oral and written communication skills, and have a strong interest in one of the aforementioned potential areas of research.

For information on previous projects, visit Patricia Lindell Scholarship Projects and Paper Awards.

 To apply:

  1. Submit a statement of interest (2 – 3 paragraphs) describing why you are interested in the project and the unique qualifications you would bring to it. Please also indicate if you are planning to undertake the project as part of a credit-bearing independent study. Email your statement to Rachel Flynn,
  1. Request a letter of recommendation from a faculty member who can speak to your credentials for this project. Faculty members can email letters directly to Rachel Flynn,

Applications are due Friday, November 1, 2019


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