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Bads of Valley View coverThanks to the Minnesota Library Publishing Project, we were able to publish Geography Professor Emeritus Bob Douglas’s stories about residents of Valley View, home to some influential Gustavus faculty and administrators, who designed the street and made it into a community.You may browse it online, download free digital copy, or purchase a paperback copy.

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Book description: Bob Douglas lived among the Bards of Valley View. Here he tells some stories of a group of faculty and administrators at Gustavus who
founded their own neighborhood. They are familiar names in the history of the college:

  • Floyd and Bea Martinson
  • Chet and Marian Johnson
  • Bob (Esby) and Ruth Esbjornson
  • Vic and Betty Gustafson
  • Ellery and Eileen Petersen
  • Kyle and Doris Montague
  • Don and Marlys Slarks
  • Ross and Lavinia Bloomquist
  • Don and Gene Lund
  • Ellis and Janet Jones

Cumulatively, they served Gustavus for over 600 years and in that time established their own legacies.


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