Where’s the renewal option for my ILLs? Posted on May 24th, 2017 by

Your eyes are not deceiving you!  If you’ve logged into your library account and tried to submit a renewal request for an interlibrary loan, you’ll find that the option no longer exists. In preparation for the change in library catalog occurring this summer, we are working hard to close out records and minimize traffic on the current system; this means we’ve opted to mediate any renewal requests between now and the time our new system goes live. (The option to request a renewal will return once the new system is up and running.)

Don’t worry, you can still extend the due date on the Interlibrary Loan materials you currently have in your possession!  You simply need to email Sonja or call the Information Desk in the library (x7557) for assistance.  (Note: The ILL department will be keeping track of the remaining loans carefully and will likely already be aware of the need for an extension, but don’t hesitate to contact us anyway.)

It’s our goal to make this transition to the new library catalog as seamless and painless as possible – thanks for your patience.


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