For Faculty: you get an arXiv and YOU get an arXiv

Posted on August 25th, 2016 by

H-CommonsSince 1991, physicists and fellow travelers have been sharing their research online through arXiv, originally hosted at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, now at Cornell. A bit later, economists began to share their work through RepEc. Much more recently, bioRxiv was launched at Cold Springs Harbor to host biology research. A site for social sciences research, SocArXiv, launched this summer. Since then an eprint server for engineering has launched, and the American Chemical Society has announced a digital platform of their own.

Humanists may be feeling a bit left out. Never fear – the Modern Language Association will soon launch a platform designed for sharing humanities research, an outgrowth of the society’s MLA Commons but open to all. Humanities Commons will host papers, data, digital projects, conversations, and more. We’ll be keeping an eye on developments.

Meanwhile, our own institutional repository, GustieScholar, is up and running, ready to make your preprints, postprints, talks, posters, and other scholarship public. Check in with your department’s liaison librarian if you would like to know more.



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