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Follow Up to Frequently Asked for Things in the Spring 2015 Library Survey

Last spring, the library sent out a student survey about possible improvements to the library space. Hundreds of students responded, and we are grateful for their feedback. We’ve worked to address some of the most frequently asked-for improvements and others have been added to future plans for the library.

1. Whiteboards
This fall we installed one in the new group study room on the first floor and would like to have more in the future.

2. More Power Outlets
We’ve added more outlets strips to tables and are working on a plan to add a significant number of additional outlets.

3. More Study Rooms
We were able to re-purpose an office on the first floor (to your left coming out of the elevator) into a group study room.

4. More Stable Wi-Fi Connection
GTS adjusted and added wireless access points over the summer.

5. More Fiction and Young Adult Literature
We are always adding new fiction to our Browsing Collection and New Books Display, both located next to the newspapers near the library entrance. Our Librarians, Cataloger, and Staff have been hard at work transferring Young Adult Literature titles to a separate collection (located at the end of the Children’s Collection on the first floor). There is also a special display of Young Adult fiction in front of the Browsing Collection.

6. An Entrance from the Beck/Lund side
Unfortunately, there are no plans for a new entrance. It was discussed back when Beck was being planned but didn’t move forward in part due to cost. We know it’s a pain when it’s -5 F outside, and we appreciate that you make the trek!


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