What have you been reading lately? Posted on January 29th, 2015 by

20150128_105149For most students, the question is met with a laugh and an eye roll, “Well, I’ve been spending a lot of time with my organic chemistry textbook lately.” In general, the demands of college work and life don’t leave much time for recreational reading.  In fact, we’ve even done research on this, with our own Barbara Fister and Julie Gilbert investigating college student reading patterns.  One thing they learned is that students enjoy having time to read for pleasure over breaks – and Touring Week is just around the corner.

Check out some new arrivals in the Browsing Collection or New Books shelves (both are right next to the couches inside the main doors).  Or browse our extensive fiction collection. Most fiction is shelved in the P section of the library.  Browse the PR and PS shelves on the main floor for English and American writers.  Head upstairs to browse literatures from other countries in the PA – PQ sections.

Enjoy a few days to read for fun.  When you get back, you can tell us what you’ve been reading lately!


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