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We hope you will consider participating in “Student Voices @ Gustavus,” a digital history project that will relate the history of the college through the eyes of students, past and present. We want to hear from you!  What was a defining moment for you as a student at Gustavus?

Here are some additional questions to inspire memories and stories:

  • How has a challenge (such as a project, performance, event,  or assignment) helped to shape who you are today?
  • Is there are specific place at Gustavus that holds importance for you? What makes that place so special?
  • Were you involved in activities on campus that had a lasting impact on you?

The stories/memories need not be long. Just a few sentences would  be perfect! Stories and photos may be emailed to or posted to the Student Voices at Gustavus Facebook page. Selected stories and photos will be published in an online publicly-accessible illustrated timeline. Please let us know if you would like your  contribution to appear under your name or if you would prefer it to  be anonymous.

The Fine Print

By submitting material for this project, you retain the copyright,  but agree to let us share it under the Creative Commons Attribution  license (CC-BY 4.0). We will not use your contact information for any other purpose and will not share the authorship of anonymous submissions unless compelled by a legitimate court order.  When submitting material, please be sure that it’s yours to share and  that the copyright is not held by someone else.

This project is made possible by the generous support of the Gustavus Library Associates. Questions about the project may be directed to faculty sponsor Barbara Fister ( or Lindell Scholar and project leader Katelyn Juni (  


Peace Vigil, 1971, courtesy of the College and Lutheran Church Archives


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