How Swede It Is…

Posted on February 4th, 2013 by

            Swedish RecordsSwedish RecordsSwedish RecordsSwedish Records

…to be heard by you.  The College and Lutheran Church Archives received a $1000 grant from the Swedish Council of America to digitize Scandinavian-American sound recordings.  During the initial phase of this project, we focused on our recordings of spoken and musical humor.  We plan to add popular and sacred music in the future.  This collection was selected because it represents a time period when nearly a million Swedes immigrated to the United States, bringing their cultural traditions with them. Our goal for the digitization of these materials is to preserve and provide greater and more enhanced access to our collection of early 20th century Scandinavian-American sound recordings.  These recordings will be an important resource for students on this campus taking courses in music, history, and Scandinavian Studies.  The collection can be accessed via (scroll down to the link for Scandinavian-American Recordings).


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