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WiFi Issues?

We’ve heard complaints that connectivity is slow in the library’s study rooms. If you run into that situation, there’s an app for that – or rather a diagnostic survey that will help GTS identify the problem. Of course, if it’s really slow, you might need to move to complete the form! But don’t move far […]

Blind Date with a Book

Are you up for a rendezvous this February?  Try our “Blind Date with a Book!”  Mystery books from the collection are wrapped in brown paper and located on the reference desk display shelves.  Unlike a date, you can take this one home to get to know it!  Will it be funny, sad, beautiful, informative or […]

How Swede It Is…

            …to be heard by you.  The College and Lutheran Church Archives received a $1000 grant from the Swedish Council of America to digitize Scandinavian-American sound recordings.  During the initial phase of this project, we focused on our recordings of spoken and musical humor.  We plan to add popular and sacred music in the future.  […]