Model of the Swedish Warship Vasa of 1628 on display

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There is now a miniature representation (1:50 scale) of the Vasa built from scratch by Clayton Johnson from Albert Lea, MN on display in the library.  As Clayton made many trips to Sweden conducting research at the Vasa Museum, this model is the most accurate replica of the original.  
The Vasa was one of the large warships built for King Gustav II Adolf (King Gustavus Adolphus). It took over two years to build with an unplanned addition of a second gun deck upon the King’s orders.  It sank on its maiden voyage on August 10th1628. When the ship left the shelter of the inner harbor of Stockholm, it approached the island of Beckholmen where it was struck by a powerful gust of wind.  The ship capsized and sank after a voyage of only 1300 meters (.8 mile). The Vasa carried a crew of 200, about 50 drowned.  
In 1961, this ship was salvaged with a largely intact hull and is now housed in the Vasa Museum in Stockholm. 
We are thankful to Clayton Johnson for sharing his model temporarily with us here at Gustavus.   
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