Where There’s an ILL…

Posted on April 7th, 2006 by

The new interlibrary loan feature in MnPALS will be temporarily disabled while several libraries join the the MnPALS system. Between April 13-24th you will be able to make interlibrary loan requests in four ways:

  • submit a printout of what you need to the interlibrary loan office
  • fill out a paper form available at the interlibrary loan office or
  • use the online request form for books or articles through the interlibrary loan link (though the forms will have a different look for the duration)
  • use the “find it” button in our databases; there is an interlibrary loan option for materials we don’t have in either online or print format.

Though you will not be able to place requests directly through MnPALS – or through the MnLINK statewide gateway – during this time, we will be processing all interlibrary loan requests that come in by means of any of these four options. Question? Just contact the infinitely patient Kathie Martin at x7564.

Nothing to read? Have no fear, we have lots of new books.

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