Shelve Under Ick

Posted on December 13th, 2005 by

Students who spend hours in the library naturally want to be comfortable, and that means being able to have food and drink handy. We’re okay with that. We’re not okay with leaving trash around for others to pick up, and we’re troubled by the sheer amount of waste involved. The Student Senate and the Gustavus Greens have worked with library staff to encourage students to “Leave No Trace.”

Be kind to our hardworking and wonderful custodians. Be kind to your fellow students. Leave no trace.

Public art … that’s our Christmas tree this year. Check out the interesting ornaments created by our students who played with scissors and glue and their imaginations when they needed a break from studying. What an artistic bunch.

Need something to read over the holidays? We have plenty of new books to browse.

Changes afoot. We will be making a few changes to our Website during January thanks to suggestions made during focus groups with students and faculty. But don’t worry – we won’t be making any major overhauls in mid-year. And any further ideas, thoughts, or wild ideas are always welcome.


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