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New Spot for our Zines!

Those of us who are children of the 90s might know all about zines, those amazing, hand-made books and pamphlets used for self and political expression. Those of us who were children in the 90s might have no idea what’s happening. But now’s your chance to learn more! The library has a zine collection dating back several […]

Zines? What are they?

  Simple Definition of zine : a small magazine that is written by people who are not professional writers and that usually has stories about a particular subject Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary The library has many different “zines” in our collection and all can be found in our online catalog. You can check them out […]

New Zine Collection

We now have a cataloged collection of zines that can be browsed by title, shelved on the main floor between the newspapers and the browsing collection. Like browsing books, they can be checked out for a month. We decided to create this collection as an example of alternative DIY publishing. Many of the zines were […]