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The Final Four!

We now have our Final 4.  You may vote as many times as you want and vote quickly! Voting ends Wednesday, March 29th.  

First Round Voting is Open!

It’s time to vote for our first round of Books vs. Movies! This tournament is split between your choice of what you believe is better: the book or the movie.  As YOU vote for your favorite book OR movie; each week, half of the titles/formats will be eliminated based on top votes.  All voting will be […]


The top voted movie of the tournament is Shrek! Thanks to all who voted and participated with completed brackets.  The top three winners were Dominic Flentje, Savanna Hanle, & Julia Baldus.  Please email suggestions for next year’s March Madness competition to Leah Zacate, lzacate@gustavus.edu.  See you at the movies!

Shrek vs. Black Panther!

We’re down to the top two movies!  You may vote as many times as you want and vote quickly! Voting ends at noon tomorrow, Wednesday, March 31st. Vote here!

Select Sixteen

We have our Select Sixteen! Please vote by Sunday night, March 21, to narrow down to our Elite 8. Thank you!  

March Madness MOVIE vs. BOOK Tournament!

Gustavus Library presents the third annual March Madness Tournament! YOU get to decide which is the BEST…MOVIE or BOOK! The tournament is split into eight genres: classics, historical fiction, animation, science fiction, musicals, horror, rom-coms, & Marvel vs. DC. Each genre has four movies competing. As YOU vote for your favorite movie title within each […]