Quick facts: E-reserves

Posted on November 23rd, 2010 by

Are you busy planning syllabi for J-term and Spring semester? Here’s some quick facts about e-reserves.

  • Moodle is the method of “delivering” e-reserves for each course. (Moodle does a lot more than that, though. If you’re interested in the bells and whistles, request assistance from the Moodle gurus.)
  • It’s okay to post small portions of a work. It’s better to post small portions of a work you or the library owns.
  • Copyright guidelines are just that – guidelines, which means each case may be different. The four factors found in the Statement on Fair Use and E-reserves should be weighed for each individual e-reserve.
  • A posted e-reserve should never be the “meat and potatoes” of a work, regardless of the percentage of the whole it represents.
  • E-reserves used in previous semesters can easily be reactivated for future courses, either by sending me an email, or following these simple instructions.
  • Plays in their entirety are not okay to post.

For more information on reserves in general, visit the reserves page for faculty. Want to post the readings yourself? There’s a quick tutorial available on that page, too. For discussions on specific copyright issues, visit with your library liaison. Or feel free to contact me with questions.


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