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The catalogs they are a changin’…

We’re pleased to announce the launch of a new library catalog. It’s the same great data with a bold new look. MnPALS Plus, which was developed locally by our library consortium, boasts improved location information, sophisticated ways to refine searches and a number of other features that make it more user-friendly and in line with […]

Reducing Paper Waste: The Sequel

Those of you who receive Folkelore by e-mail may have been disappointed to hear about Chloe Radcliffe’s video without knowing where to find it. It’s embedded in our blog page, but it didn’t travel along with the e-mail message. Our apologies. Here’s the direct link: Enjoy!

Reducing Paper Use: The Movie

Chloe Radcliffe created a video about the new printing policy that meters printing and begins to charge students five cents a page once they’ve used up a 600 (or 300 double-sided) page allocation. Though the policy has left some students unhappy, it has reduced waste. At the library, we have noticed it has cut printing […]