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Open to Debate

The library has been fairly quiet over the summer, but that changes this week as the Summer Speech Institute students and coaches use the library to find ideas and texts to fuel debate. This, of course, is exactly what libraries are for and we’re delighted to have a chance to help with this program. Michelle […]

Interlibrary Loan changes

Beginning August 1 the Library will be deleting any Interlibrary Loan records that have a terminal status (closed, canceled, expired or deleted). Purging them has many benefits, most importantly helping us protect your privacy. If you use your ILL borrowing record to keep track of resources you’ve used, please take steps to copy and paste […]

Moodle classes for fall now open

The fall 2009 courses in Moodle are now open. We’re ready to start posting e-reserves when you are! Questions about e-reserves? Click here or call Sonja at x7564.