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The song by Aretha Franklin comes to mind, but I really want to discuss the lack of respect I am seeing in our attitude of NOT returning dishes to the Market Place. On April 6, I arrived to work to find the Gustie Ware receptacle overflowing with not only Gustie Ware, but mugs, silverware, dishes, and every conceivable utensil from the Market Place. I assisted our heroic dish room staff, who picks up daily, in walking the dirty dishes back to the dish room.

I have seen many campus libraries during my career at Gustavus and am always so proud to return because we have the cleanest library of them all. Our custodial staff works very hard to keep our library clean and respectable but their caring hands are being over burdened these days by the amount of dishes being left here and there throughout our building. (Not to mention the wonderful dish room staff who wash all our dishes!)

Gustie Ware was introduced as a ground breaking idea for campus to cut back on the use of disposable paper boxes. The library isn’t discouraging you from enjoying your meal while you study, we are instead hoping that students will take the initiative, notice the valuable options of Gustie Ware, and begin returning dirty dishes themselves. Please respect your surroundings and the people who work to keep a clean building in which to use wonderful resources the library provides.


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